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I Am Bond Viveur



Definition of bon viveur   |   Pronunciation: /bɒ̃ viːˈvəː/
n: (plural bon viveurs or bons viveurs) pronuc. same | another term for bon vivant
Origin: mid-19th century: pseudo-French, from French bon 'good' and viveur 'a living person' on the pattern of bon vivant

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I like to think of myself as a reflection of the food I cook.
Colourful, a little bit exotic, interesting, lively and if you want to add a touch on the tasty side, then I'm happy to accept the compliment!

I try not to conform in anything I do...conformity is boring, life is for living and we only get one crack at the whip.
Cooking and eating great food is one of the greatest joys that we can experience in life. It's a pleasure and a privilege to be able to share the passion, excitement and joy that food brings, with other people from all is one of the few remaining things in the world that can bring people together in unity.

What was first and foremost a hobby, which I've enjoyed since I was a child, has now become my livelihood...somewhat later in life than I anticipated, but the world moves in mysterious ways!  When your passion becomes your business., it's the best job in the world.
I was the only boy in my home economics class many (many!) moons ago and while everyone played safe and followed teachers brief with Grannies fave - Victoria Sponge - I was discovering my creative (non-conformist!) streak and turning out towering Millefeuille along with other adventurous concoctions!

With no formal culinary training, I cook food from the heart, drawing on several culinary influences, creating a melting pot of colours, flavours and textures that leaves you feeling well fed and satisfied (I hope!). I guess that's the Caribbean roots part of me coming through, but also the influence of living in Greece and eating the Mediterranean way. I believe we all have a destiny in life, but we have to sometimes take a leap of faith and follow our gut instincts, as mad as it might seem at the time.

Which leads to the question that every client DID I end up in Greece? A long, long story - well it is when I tell it - but, maybe when we meet, feel free to pop a glass of Veuve Clicquot in my hand, (okay, a glass of a good Kefalonian wine will suffice), pull up a chair and I'll tell you all about it.
But let me cook your meal first, otherwise you might not get fed!

I hope I have the pleasure of meeting and sharing my passion with you soon.  Rory.


"I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best." Oscar Wilde.