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Definition of bon viveur   |   Pronunciation: /bɒ̃ viːˈvəː/
n: (plural bon viveurs or bons viveurs) pronuc. same | another term for bon vivant
Origin: mid-19th century: pseudo-French, from French bon 'good' and viveur 'a living person' on the pattern of bon vivant

I like to think of the food that I cook as a reflection of myself!
Colourful, exciting, lively, exotic. Did someone just say tasty?
Well thank you, I'm happy to accept the compliment!  Okay I'm blushing!

Coming from a mixed heritage background (Anglo-Caribbean) I grew up eating some wonderful, exotic and at times, rather interesting food.
Cow foot or Pigs tail soup anyone? No...I thought not! 

My style of cooking is hugely influenced by that of the Mediterranean / Greek, Caribbean and Middle Eastern - in anticipation that the whole neigbourhood may arrive on the doorstep wanting to be fed.

With no formal culinary training, I cook from the heart, I think it gives food some 'soul', drawing on several culinary influences, creating a melting pot of colours, flavours, smells and textures that leaves you feeling well-fed and satisfied (I hope!).
Greek / Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Indian, Sri Lankan and Caribbean - it's these foods which work perefectly well for the style of eating I like to call, social eating. Platters with explosions of colour, flavour and texture, designed to take you to culinary heaven. And where better to have the opportunity to enjoy this than on an idyllic and achingly beautiful Greek Island.

Cooking and eating beautiful food is one of the greatest joys that we can experience in life, so for me it a pleasure and a privilege to be able to share my passion and joy that I get from creating great food with wonderful ingredients, with other people from all walks of life, backgrounds and culture.

I look forward to having the chance of sharing my passion and some of my dishes with you very soon. 

Rory - #bond_viveur

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"I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best."
Oscar Wilde.