THE greek | £34.95

A selection of classic dishes from across Greece delivered with a lighter, modern twist, using as much locally sourced produce / products where possible, to give a true taste experience of Kefalonia and Greece.
IMPORTANT: Please remember your selected dishes will be prepared for the whole party. Sorry, it is not possible to prepare individual dishes per each person.
Please advise of any specific dietary requirements / intolerances so these can be accommodated. 

(additional dish | £3.50 pp)


tzatziki - marinated olives  - xitipiti



Caramelised Onion, Honey & Feta Parcels
onion - kefalonia feta - kefalonian thyme honey - filo pastry

cretan rusk - tomato - olives- kefalonian feta - oregano
panachori single estate extra virgin olive oil

Mediterranean Mezé (+£1.95 pp)
olives - sundried tomatoes - pickled green peppers - capers
pan fried greek sausage - kefalonian feta

Olive Oil & Rose Wine Vinegar
ionio single estate extra virgin olive oil - farmout organic red wine vinegar

oven baked kefalonian feta - tomato - red onion - aleppo chilli


all above are served with warmed pittas or fresh bread | please state if you have a preference

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Kotopoulo sto Fourno
(oven baked chicken & potatoes)
chicken - potatoes - lemon - kefalonian - oregano - olive oil


Kiofthedes (Meatballs)
minced beef meatballs - rich homemade tomato sauce
+ greek pasta


sweet peppers - rice - cheese - nuts - mixed herbs

Beef Stifado (+£1.95 pp)
locally reared beef - baby onions - aromatic tomato sauce
+ basmati rice

*Tsipoura or *Lavaraki en Papillote
fresh local sea bream or sea bass - fennel - sarris robola
+ white bean, rosemary & lemon pureé
*please state your preference when ordering

Lamb Kleftiko (+£2.95pp)
lamb shank - potatoes - vegetables - kefalonian robola
kefalotyri cheese

Vegetable Baklava
sweet peppers - courgette - aubergine - baby tomatoes
red onion - olives - feta - filo pastry

oven baked seasonal vegetables baked
rich, herby tomato sauce


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seasonal mixed leaves - olive oil
lemon juice

Hortiatiki Salata
tomato - cucumber - red onion - olives - kefalonian feta - local oregano
single estate kefalonian olive oil

white cabbage - fresh fennel - sultanas - kefalonian yoghurt - dill


Grilled Halloumi & Olive Salad
chargrilled halloumi - olives - fresh fennel - herbs

Roquette & Spinach Salad
baby roquette - baby spinach - ladelomeno dressing


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filo pastry - ground almonds - pistachio
+ madagascan vanilla ice cream

Tsoureki & Mila Pudding
locally made brioche - apple - honey - sultanas
+ kefalonian yoghurt


Glyko Cheesecake
locally made almond macaroon - brandy - yoghurt - cream
glyko (greek spoon sweet)

caramelised apple - filo pastry - mandoles crumb
+madagascan vanilla ice cream

Metaxa Infused Ganache Tart
dark chocolate ganache - metaxa greek brandy - almond crumb


Seasonal Fruit Salad
with lemon, kefalonian honey & mint dressing
+ cream