READY & WAITING | £25.00


What could be more welcoming than arriving at your accommodation to a simple, delicious, freshly prepared meal waiting for you, so you can instantly relax after your journey.  The perfect solution to ensure your holiday starts as soon as you arrive!
A selection of classic Greek / Mediterranean inspired dishes, designed to be eaten cold or that can easily be re-heated.

IMPORTANT Booking Information

  • This menu may be ordered for a minimum of two people, in any zone, if you are placing a grocery order
  • A minimum of 4 adults (13+) is required to book this menu if you are NOT placing a Grocery order, but can only be delivered to accommodations in Zones 1 - 3 (see travel fee section)
  • Select ONE dish from each course to create your personalised menu.
  • Please remember your selected dishes will be prepared for all of the group. Please advise if specific dietary requirements need to be catered for.

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yoghurt - cucumber - garlic - olive oil
+ pitta bread

Tyrokafteri (spicy dip)
red peppers - feta - cayenne - olive oil
+ pitta bread

Marinated Olives
olives - thyme - parsley - lemon zest
+ pitta bread


Kefalonian Olive Oil & Vinegar
panachori single estate kefalonian olive oil
organic rose wine vinegar
+ pitta bread




minced beef meatballs
homemade, aromatic tomato sauce
+ greek pasta

Briam (v)
oven baked seasonal vegetables
rich, herby tomato sauce

Oven Roasted Vegetable Baklava (v)
sweet peppers - courgette - aubergine - baby tomatoes - red onion - ricotta


Pepper and Feta Parcels (v)
sweet peppers - feta - onion - olives
tomato - toasted pine nuts - herbs

Kotopoulo sto Fourno Salata
oven roasted chicken - baby potatoes
baby leaves - honey & lemon dressing




Horiatiki Salata
(classic greek salad)

tomato - cucumber - red onion - olives kefalonian feta - oregano - single estate kefalonian olive oil

'Horta' & Ladelemeno Dressing
mixed leaves - lemon & olive oil

Greek 'Fattoush' (v)
tomato - beetroot - lettuce - onion chopped olives - feta - radish - dill
pitta bread


- TO END - 


filo pastry - walnuts - almonds - syrup

kefalonian walnut cake


locally made madagascan vanilla ice cream: 500g - £8.50 |  1kg - £15.95